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PFE Stands for Premium Fantasy Edition. It was conceived during a regular CAT when two true CAT-minded persons were watching the movie "Lost in Translation", a movie that is largely about people who are in fact partaking in a CAT but are unaware. Except perhaps Bill Murray, you can never be sure what he does and does not know. An enigma he is.

During the movie, Bill Murray gets a Japanese-speaking prostitute sent to him from a business relation. She speaks dirty to him and tells him she can give him "Premium Fantasy". This appealed since a "Premium Fantasy" is a kind of pleonasm as why would you shorten yourself in a fantasy? Maybe you can. A true CAT spirited person won't though.

On your CAT you can decide at any time, even beforehand, that PFE can be added. It certainly can be used to temper or heighten expectations of an upcoming CAT. It's noteworthy to say that it never hurts to go for a CAT PFE: they are the best. Premium, as fantasies go.