Last Bastion of Poverty

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A Bastion of Poverty can refer to an object or event that reflects a person's true view on life and not the life this person is living. It can also reflect a previous way of living that is now becoming the past when this event or object should be replaced or removed. Poverty in this construct should be seen as a relative way of living instead of actually being poor.

A good example is moving from your small house to a bigger house. If you do it for the wrong reasons, you can destroy your (last) Bastion of Poverty and alter your identity (negatively) as you will remove the last link to possible better values of life. So, be careful in removing Bastions of Poverties, especially when it's the last!

The "Last Bastion of Poverty" was conceived during a campfire regular CAT session. It came to one of the CAT participants when they were discussing the purchase of a new car. The current car did not at all fit the person's current income and way of living; but it did reflect the view on the world and it reminded this person of the trap of putting value in objects or events that can mask the true meaning of life: CAT when possible, PFE when the situation allows it. The term was coined in an outburst and stuck as it puts the feeling of what it instills quite precicely.